Animal Paradise Guides To Win And Make Big Money

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There is one game you can choose as your option. It is an animal paradise guides. This Animal Paradise Guides To Win And Make Big Money is from the Spade Gaming. Like its name, the animal paradise game is a game that uses the funny animals in nature as the object of the game in Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. This game has the interesting appearance because there is the connection with wild nature. Because of this game uses the nature, many people love playing this game because it has the unique and interesting animation.

The appearance of the animal paradise game

Like as mentioned before, the animal paradise game is an interesting game. You see that this game has the wonderful appearance. Because this game uses the natural nuance, this game has the fresh theme. The appearance of this game is dominated by the wooden accent. Because of that, it is as if made of nature. The wooden accent can be created in all part of the screen game.

Generally, this game is separated into three parts. The left part is the betting part. At the right side is about the history that separates the betting part with the main screen. Then, at the betting part, you will that there are 4 symbols of the animal. It is used by the player in playing the game. There is the lion symbol with the highest score. The panda symbol with the second highest score and the third highest score is monkey symbol. The lowest score is the rabbit symbol.

Animal Paradise guides to win and make big money  and become rich

Animal Paradise Guides To Win And Make Big Money

Animal Paradise Guides To Win And Make Big Money

Every picture symbol has the different color that shows the detail payout information. Those colors are red, green, and yellow.

At the bottom of the betting part, there are three buttons and two information boxes. Those buttons are the spin button, new and the re-bet button. Then, you will find that there is the information column at the bottom of the table from Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. The information you will get is the type of the betting, the total prize you get, and the others.

The most interesting appearance in this animal paradise game is on the main screen. You will see that there is the beautiful appearance of the sky and hills. Then, there is the wheel machine that is made of wood. In the machine, there are some animal symbol pictures that have mentioned before. Then, at the bottom of it, there are some colors of them. You can guess the symbol with the color for winning the game.

The way in playing the animal paradise game

The animal paradise game is an interesting game, especially at the animation. This game is started by the bet placing like the usual game. Then, if you have been satisfied by the total of betting your place, you can start the game by clicking the pin button. When the spin button clicked, you will see that there is a small circle with hamster moves. This hamster will run into the circle and the wheel machine rounds. After that, the outside circle from the wheel machine will round against the clockwise.

In playing this game, you will get the great bonus. The total bonus you can get can be seen on the wooden board. It is located on the right of the screen game in Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins. You will be very exciting when you are able to play this game well.

Before playing this game, you should choose the best website as the place for playing this game. The trusted site is the best one. You can choose it as your option. In finding it, you can ask for the professional players because they know much information about it. So, getting the best site will be easy.

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