Coaching 101 from Coach Billy Donovan

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Do you know Billy Donovan? Well, if you are an avid fan of Oklahoma Thunders, you surely do know him. There is no doubt that he is one of the most competent coaches in the field of basketball. For this reason alone, it is not a surprise that there are lots of coaching newbies who are following his steps. Let’s find out more how he deal with players.


Coaching 101 from Coach Billy Donovan

Tips on how to be good coach in some sports

  1. Listen when your player confides in you. If your players approaches you and discuss with you his problem, you would be glad because it means that the person is already manifesting trust for you. In this case, you should never hesitate to lend your wide ears and listening heart. After he has confided all her problems, it should appear that you are comforting with him and give pieces of advice. This way, you might find out that he only needs to improve his crossover skills. In accordance with the first principle of coaching, you should try to understand the player as much as possible. Never scold him badly for anything he has done. If he asks for pieces of advice, make sure that it’s for good and you are giving all the tips that you can give-honestly. That’s the beginning of great coaching.
  2. Be true to yourself. Show the real you as a coach. What makes la coaching career more meaningful is when you spend your lives in accordance with your true self. Not only will it make you  stick up to what is righteous but it can also give you peace of mind in every second thinking that you intend to  make a team  with the right and noble intention, nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Never hurt them. In order for one to have great players, you should first discover your full nature and that is of course without hurting anyone in the way. That way, you would be able to attract the nod of your players. You have to keep in mind that it is always right to consider your player’s sake when you get to do your coaching session from time to time. In everything you do, make sure not to step on someone else.
  4. Put your ideas in drama. Keep in mind that the truth should always be made vivid. Have your ideas dramatized and have them applied to your reconnecting with other people. This is like comparing your brand to that of other person.
  5. Ask, don’t command. People love questions more than giving direct orders. Whether you admit it or not, no one likes taking orders. And if you do, they will hate you. With this in mind, you can make an order more agreeable by means of asking orders. Say for instance, you might want to start by asking, “Do you think it would be better if you have made the shot this way?
  6. Blame yourself first. Before you point to the mistakes of your players, you have to ponder on you mistakes first. In this way, it would be easier for the player to hear and accept criticism. It would not also cause a detrimental effect of the person on the self-worth of the person since he is not only the one accountable for the mistake. Also, by doing this, you get to show that you are not a perfect coach.
  7. Genuine praise to your player’s accomplishment does not only promotes his or her worth but it also motivates him or her to strive for more in the court.

There’s more to teach your team aside from passing and shooting the ball.

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