English Premier League

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The history of football is more than 100 years old so do English Football. It’s in England where game was developed and codified. So one can consider England at premier league as home of football. Though very soon the game crossed the boundary of England and ball started rolling all over of the World. The English premier league started in the year 1992. The reason behind these was all the clubs realized the need of being more competitive in the European platform and also to increase the income generation.


English Premier League

Understanding Premier League and some tips

 Session 2016-17 is the 25th edition of English premier league since its inception. All the major clubs put their best to be the top scorer as it gets them to qualify for UEFA cup. English premier league is very popular among fans. All over the world do wait to see the club at its best. So selling the TV right main source of income and a great exposure for the clubs.

20 no. of clubs will pay total 38 games with each other one at home ground i.e. club ground and one at opponent s home ground.  Seasons run from August to May so total no of matches are 380 per season .After playing the 38 games team will be awarded 3 points for winning and one each for a tie. The highest  scorer will be known as Premier League Champions. If two team has equal no. of points then the winner is decided by goal differences or by highest no. of goals scored by the team. The reward is not only prestige but has massive financial value from lucrative television and sponsorship deals. To be on the top four can convert any club into league’s power teams. The last three teams in the table are relegated to play in the Football League Championship. The top two teams, along with the play-offs winner from Football League Championship are promoted to the Premier League.


Clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Totten ham Hotspur are all time favorite contestants. In 2016-17 sessions contesting   clubs are

  • the AFC Bournemouth
  • the Arsenal Burnley
  • the Chelsea
  • the Crystal Palace etc. English Premier League clubs are just the tip of the iceberg. Many clubs are playing all over England to be in the list of premier league because it gives exposure as well as financial security. The bottom three finishers are relegated from premier league which impart a huge loss for the club in terms of popularity and monetarily.

Till now Matches have been played in 50 stadiums.  The Anfield, the Bloomfield Road, the Boleyn Ground, are the name of few. Manchester United s home ground Old Trafford has a capacity of 75,957, which is the highest for a club stadium and second highest in the country.


English premier league matches are always a crowd puller. Supporter are keen to watch their clubs playing for the silver ware. So tickets are always in much demand. Selling tickets to members and fans generates a handsome revenue for the club. One can buy the tickets directly from club website or in person. Clubs also have loyalty program where clubs distribute tickets to the loyal fan first. Every club has an unique ticket selling procedure. All the club sites are informative and user friendly. There are club personnel ready to help. Clubs do categories matches   as A,B ,C,D grade. Lower grade matches tickets are easily available.  When Manchester United vs. Chelsea, Manchester United vs. Arsenal, Chelsea vs. Arsenal, Totten ham Hotspur vs. Arsenal matches are on members of the clubs are always given priority for ticket. These are some of the known rivalries of the English Premier League and matches between these teams are always high drama games that cannot be missed.

 English Premier League trophy a desire, a dream for all English footballs club. Participating, winning, watching all itself a life time event.

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