How to deal with perfectionism among sports coaches

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Oftentimes, you will see perfectionist coach’s right? May it be on basketball, soccer or rugby, being a perfectionist has always a detrimental effect to the team? With perfectionism, you’ll be trapped in resentment. Perfectionism might be an ideal desire of a child. But in the collaborative sport environment, it can be considered as a nightmare. Say for instance, if one of the team members is used to navigating around his teammates because he is not able to deal with the slightest flaw, noting will be accomplished.  Worst, it can even wreak havoc within the team if they are taken in extremes.


How to deal with perfectionism among sports coaches

Reasons why severe critical and extremely perfectionist

Perfectionistic coaching leads to larger problems. Being overly perfectionist can be a plague instead of steering the team into success. Not only it can lead to anxiety but it can also bring other problems such as depression cut in performance. This is because it can also result to brutal self-criticism. If you realize that you are a ruthless self-critic coach, chances are you might be stopping your own team to achieving success.

It gives stress to the team. Perfectionism can also lead to stress. What is the reason behind this?  This is because you when you realistically come up with a perfect plan, it also demands for perfect conditions. Sudden interruptions, distraction and unexpected new improvement might not only shift performance but it can also change the day. It can lead to a big deal of stress s since you are not able to do those things with perfection.

It deprives you the ability to seek for help. According to a highly esteemed study, perfectionists find it a trouble when it comes to seeking for help from others. With this in mind, this kind of thinking can be fatal to a team that adheres to the essence of collaboration and teamwork. This can result to major dysfunction. Since you want to your sports performance to be perfect, chances are you would not even let anyone intervene it.

Now that you are aware of the negative impacts of perfectionism among sports coaches, you are surely pondering on ways on how to cope with it, right?

Dealing with over severe criticism and perfectionism

Over perfectionistic and severe critical drives, you over the line with the purpose to take on an obsessive territory.  If you consider yourself a perfectionist, that might be a good sign. This implies that you are crystal clear with both healthful and unhealthful sides of the coin which might probably help you build a sensitive understanding about balance. However, you have to keep in mind that perfect is not always commendable. Say for instance, if you are constantly getting worries of mistakes, it can make you inhibit your abilities and natural talent. It is then advisable that you come up with a sense of balance between efficiency and quality in order to establish healthful boundaries inside the court.

There you have it- the dark sides of being over perfectionistic and severe critical among coaches the notion that perfect is always great is big mistake, may it be on sports or any other walks of life. If you allow yourself to be a protégé of perfectionism, there are lots of drawbacks that can hinder not only your self’s growth but also the improvement of the team. At the end, keep in mind that everyone, even the beach coach, has always setbacks. The most important thing here is that each set back must be set up for a good come back. That’s the essence of being a great coach!

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