Great Golf Gambling Games

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Golf is sport game which involves a hole as a target where players are supposed to direct the ball to it. The game as other sports is also offered at the online casino sites for the purpose of betting. There are many types of the golf games offered at the casino; here are some of them;

Great Golf Gambling Games

Great Golf Gambling Games

Terminologies in playing golf gambling

  1. Bisque

This game is perfect for the golfers who usually struggle with a specific hole. The game does not have a mandate where handicap but the player himself or herself has to set up his or her strokes handicap on any hole until they run out. In these game two strokes on any hole is maximum. It is important to note that the handicap stroke in this game is declared prior to the shot on the particular hole. Any player with low-net score will have to win the bet.

  1. 5-3-1

The game is perfect for three players. It is very rare to find good golf games that are suitable for three players but according to the statistics this is the best game for three players. Each hole in this game is assigned a total of nine points. Any of the players in the game with the lower- score on the hole will be awarded with five points. A player with the second lowest score on the hole in the game will earn 3 points. The further player on the hole with the worst score would only be awarded one point on the hole. If it happens that the players’ ties on the hole, then the points are being divided amongst the players depending on the number of players playing the game.

  1. Quota

This game suits the players of any size with legitimate handicap indices. Each of the players has to take his or her own handicap, then after that he or she has to subtract the handicap value from 36 and the resultant becomes the point quota, which is used during betting in the round of a particular betting session.

Scoring in this game is follows; 1 score for a bogey, two scores for a par, four scores a birdie and 8 scores for an eagle. Any player whose scores will be above the quota point wins the bet at the casinos. If it happens that none of the players wins the game then the players can roll the pot to the next round of the game.

  1. Strike three

The game suits the mid to high handicap group of people. The game requires the players to get a throw out of their scores on three holes and then the player with the best 15-hole score will have to win the game and thus rewarded.

  1. Snake

Snake game is the golf game which best suits the people who are learning to putt better in the clutch. There is a certain amount of money that is added in the game. The amount of the money keeps on increasing during the round. The player to be the last to putt better will have to pay the other players.

  1. Bounce back

This is the golf game which is perfect for shaking off bad holes in the game. This is one of the favourite side bet which normally rewards the players who never give up in the game. At any time in the game whenever the player make a follow up on the double bogey or worse with a better on the hole next, the player will have to win a point and if the player makes a back to back in the game then he or she will have to lose a point as a result.

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