Portugal crowned as Winner of the Euro 2016 finals

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Mainly in sports, football is a well-known game in the family of Team Sports. The main events held currently in year the 2016 is EURO 2016  it  had startsedon  June 10th and ends on July 11. It is a European Championship football tournament  that will be held in France and totally 24 teams will participate in the tournament. UEFA Euro (2016) is the current event, which has been played in France. Totally 24 teams are split into 6 groups of 4 each in the top of each pool along with the 4 best teams that will move into the knockouts (round of 16).

And for France, it is the third time for hosting the  UEFA tournament. In the Euro match, Spain and Germany have won the match continuously that is, both won each time thrice. Totally 53 teams, which competed for 23 places in the last tournament hosted by France. The group winners, players, runners and the best third place team chose directly for the last tournament. France was the top first position in the tournament as A1. And the resting teams were implanted into four Vessels of five (Pot 1) or 6 teams that are (2,3,4) andas per the tournament, Spain will be implanted in Vessel 1 and then remaining 23 teams were implanted into as per the rules of UEFA.


Portugal crowned as Winner of the Euro 2016 finals

This is the Winner of the Euro 2016 finals

Events held at UEFA 2016

Such that in Group A, France, Albania, Romania and Switzerland participated in the Euro match in that France and Switzerland had moved to advanced knockout round and in Group B  Wales, England, Slovakia and Russia had participated in Football, UEFA in that Wales and England had moved to advanced knockout round and in Group C, Germany, Poland, Ireland and Ukraine.  Germany and Poland moved to advance knockout round, such that up to Group F were teams, whoplayed between them and selected for knockout rounds and moved into the next phase.

Knockout phase

Before that Ranking, third placed teams will be selected for the tournament from various groups. By crossing so many stages, they reach positions of third placed teams and the teams are Slovakia from the group B, republic of Ireland from group E, Portugal from group F, and Northern Ireland from Group C. In the quarter finals, Round of 16 teams were selected in that the match started from June 25 and ends on June 27 after that qualified team moved into the quarter finals from different groups.

The match between Poland and Portugal was held on June 30 in that Portugal won the tournament and on July 1 the match between Wales and Belgium was held in that Wales won the match. On July 2, the match between Germany and Italy was held, in that Germany won the match, and finally in July 3, match between France and Ireland was held in that France won the match.

The next round is semi-finals, which were held on July 6 and  the match was held between Portugal and Wales. Wales set for a historic semi final with Portugal and then finally, Portugal  won the match and in the next phase, on  July 7, the match  between Germany and France was held, in that France won the match and finally Portugal and France entered into the final and then in the finals on July 10, Portugal won the EURO UEFA title 2016.

The various awards were given in the tournament such as Golden Boot, Silver Boot, Bronze Boot and Youngest player of the tournament awards were also given in the EURO 2016. Portugal knocks out France to win EURO 2016 and they all did the match without Ronaldo. Portugal fans enjoyed the victory of EURO 2016 in the streets of France. But France entered into finals of  EURO 2016 step up backed with full of emotions. Rui Patricio  from Portugal was  the man of the match and Portugal enjoyed the victory of  the UEFA cup.

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