Portugal: Deserving Champions of Euro 2016?

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Did you watch the Euro 2016 match as in between France and Portugal? We all know that Portugal came up to the winner of the title but do you think that this team was much more deserving as compared to France to take back home the winning title? No doubt that if you were watching out the whole match once again, your eyes would be catching up with so many emotional moments and film scenes running in the football grounds. You will be witnessing so many fans of France, who shed themselves into the tears. Winning and losing is the part of the match and competition. But the central question that does hit so many minds is that whether the team that holds the winning title was deserving much to celebrate their success or not!


Portugal: Deserving Champions of Euro 2016?

Was Portugal Deserving To Be the Champions of Euro 2016?

It would not be wrong to say that when any football team has the player like Ronaldo, then you can you expect that you would not be winning the championship trophy! As we all know that in the very first half of the match this player had to leave the ground because of the bad injury in the knee portion. But still, this player has set back behind his team to support them. In all the media cameras a strange thing has been captured that blood was rolling down from the Ronaldo’s knee, but still he was much dedicated and thirsty enough to move into the ground and be that one player to make the goal from the side of his team winning the title. But this could not happen! As the fans saw the player on the ground hit back with this hard injury, they just fell into the tears. It was disappointing because Ronaldo is the backbone and spirit of his team. History matches are clear evidence of the fact that if any football game is running for the duration of 120 minutes, then you will be watching Ronaldo be in the ground for more than 120 minutes because he called the football to be his first love!

High Role of Eder in Winning Goal of Portugal Victory:

 Eder is one of the talented players of the Portugal football team. But he has never got the chance to prove his skills as being the leading protagonists. But his got this golden chance all the way through this championship. Eder was the one who came ahead and made the winning goal. He was the one who shed everyone into the tears and gave Portugal the winning title after so many years. Do you know the fact that Portugal has won this title after 44 years? Winning this title and taking it back to hometown was the greatest and biggest wish of Ronaldo before taking the retirement. It would not be wrong to say that Portugal has grabbed 80% of the victory because of Eder.

Portugal Won Euro Championship 2014 After 44 Years:

When you do listen the fact that any football team has not won the title of the Euro cup for the last 44 years, then you eventually start playing for that team to be the winner this time. Same prayers were made for the Portugal as well. They had won this cup after facing the defeats for the last 44 years. There is nothing bad on this team that would make you thought that why and how did they win the Euro Championship. They do have the talented players, the best captain in the face of Ronaldo and the brilliant coach as the backbone of their team. When you have all such things in one team, then no one can stop you to move yourself to the victory line.

Now let’s see that who will be the next football team who will be taking home the Euro Cup! Are you hoping to see Portugal as the winners once again?

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