The Return of Muhammad Amir to Test Cricket

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Mohammad Amir is famously known out to be one of the top famous and one of the leading talented Pakistani international cricket players. In the year 2009, he made the start of his journey with his first debut One Day International match which was against Sri Lanka. Muhammad Amir proved himself that has the high abilities and skills to be the proud name of the Pakistan cricket team. He was so much impressive in his bowling actions that so many people start calling him to be the next Wasim Akram of the Pakistan cricket team. But the story did not stop here!

We always listened the fact that when any player grabbed with the vast sum of fame and attention then eventually he moves to the path that offers him to earn more money. The Same route was chosen by Aamir as well, and he destroys his whole career by his hands!


The Return of Muhammad Amir to Test Cricket

Spot Fixing allegations on Pakistani Player Mohammad Amir

In the year 2010, one of the newspapers from the international market came up with the story that Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif as being top bowlers of Pakistan cricket team has done the now balling through betting. They did this during the time of their England tour series. Well, this was a significant allegation! So many people call it a trap to destroy the image of the Pakistani players! But no one was aware of the fact that this claim was going to prove right! This whole betting plan was from the side of the Mazhar Majeed, who pay back the players with the accepted amount of US$232,665 bribery. At that time, Salman Butt was the captain of the team and he was also involved in this whole trap. Proofs were there, and so the substantial evidence too that make it confirm that three players i.e. Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif were involved in the cricket bribery. All these three players were banned from the Pakistani cricket team and sentenced to jail for about three months. For the last five years, these three players have not been linked with the cricket team for any series and are not the part of it.

How Spot Fixing Allegations Effect Mohammad Amir Lifestyle?

 Mohammad Amir as being the young and talented players of the Pakistani team accepted his mistake. After which he released from the jail, and his incarceration reduced. He was mentally disturbed because he has ruined his whole successful career from his hands. He apologizes for the fans so many times through the interviews and social media. But it seems like the destiny has given one more chance to this player to be the proud of Pakistan team once again!

The Return of Muhammad Amir to Test Cricket:

 Being one of the talented players, Mohammad Amir has once again made his way back into the Pakistani cricket team. He has played so many matches in the previous years in which he has proved that he has the high ability even today to play from the side of his team. Now very soon Pakistan cricket team will be making their tour to England for the series, and this will be after five years that Mohammad Amir will be once again playing from the country and the same ground where he chooses the wrong path for his career.

So many hopes and expectations are being knotted up with this young player regarding his performance. All the team members have come up with the statements that this tour will be the patience test for the Mohammad Amir. Therefore, the complete management is making the best efforts where they will be providing the helping hand to this player on each single step of the tour.

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