The Standards of a good basketball coach like Fred Hoiberg

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A basketball team would be nothing with a good coach. One of the best coaches that emerged during the recent NBA season is Fred Hoiberg of Chicago Bulls. So do you want to know his secrets to building his roster?

Coaching a team has never been easy, so to say, it will never be. If you have already come across countless players yet you do not develop the best of them, you might be missing half of your life as a coach. All it takes is iron will power, legwork and equipping yourself with the best team-winning moves.


The Standards of a good basketball coach like Fred Hoiberg

The 4 Principles of Coaching of Fred Hoiberg

Hold on, criticism wounds pride!

Emotion, more than logic, lurks inside human. So, the first rule when you’re a coach is to never criticize and complain.  If you try to place yourself on the shoes of those who are being criticized, you would surely feel defensive whether you have the right decision or not. More than just retaliation when it comes to the worth of the player, he will also suffer from a wounded pride. Did you just say constructive criticism? If you have already been sucked up in this frame of thought, brace yourself to the truth that criticism, regardless of how constructive it is, still stings and has still a very detrimental effect on the person involved.

Come with a newer height of criticism in a completely different approach. This is what the first rule of coaching should be. Instead of condemning players when they miss a shot, or they didn’t catch a pass, you need to take a double leap of effort in order to understand them. Granted, it will never be easy when you finally hit the mark, you are good to go for a clean and clear pavement towards the championship. This is a three-fold approach which mainly focuses on kindness, sympathy and tolerance.  Meaning to say, try to reconnect yourself in their own viewpoints and discern how they see things this is different from yours and from the others.

Appreciate, not flatter!

According to a highly esteemed coaches the greatest compassioning urge of a player is to feel appreciated. Finally, this desire, which runs in every player, is the urge to feel self-worth. Nothing rivals to the essence of sincere appreciation in raising the self-worth of a certain star.

d, you only have to show appreciation if and only if you mean it. Never appreciate someone because you know that it would help him out. That is to say, admire APPRECIATION and condemn FLATTERY.

Bait the hook

Instead of paying attention to your wants, work around the preference of your players. If you are yearning for the fish to bite, there is a need for to bait the hook in the fishes’ favour. It would be better to visualize things from the point of views of your men instead of relying on our own.  Ponder on this question, “If I am the player, what benefit will I get from my style of caching?”

Don’t scold!

Scolding, in the context of coaching, can never be the right thing to push them forward. You know that scolding would not work on your team if you want them to win. If they commit a mistake inside the court, be gentle enough to make the player realise a lesson.

There you have it- the coaching standards of Fred Hoiberg.

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